May 11, 2020

Imagine if paving on a remote island was a breeze.

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Evotherm® is an award-winning paving technology that speeds, simplifies and improves road construction. In contrast to traditional hot asphalt paving, Evotherm allows paving temperatures to be lowered by up to 100 degrees while simultaneously enabling asphalt mixtures to be more easily and consistently applied, and to better meet specifications. This means that our customers can confidently undertake even the most challenging projects and can count on longer-lasting, better-performing roads every time. That’s The Ingevity Effect.

Customer: Gerken Companies
Product: Evotherm
Application: North Bass Island Airport, off the Ohio coast in Lake Erie


Despite its relative obscurity and seclusion, 700-acre North Bass Island (NBI), located in Lake Erie just one mile from the Canadian border, operates an airport essential for serving its small population. The NBI Airport consists of a lone asphalt airstrip used mostly by single-engine planes and needed extensive repaving after almost 25 years of use. But the mixture would have to make an almost 4-hour journey from the mix plant, across Lake Erie on a ferry, and onto the jobsite without cooling or hardening inside the haul trucks. Gerken Companies trusted Evotherm to face the challenge.

“We chose Evotherm as a sort of insurance policy for the long haul,” explained Jim Shoemaker, quality control manager at Gerken. “The specification on the project involved a percent within-limits specification, meaning we received a bonus for how closely inside the density requirements our actual measurements were. Warm-mix was the only way we could maintain consistent temperatures in the trucks and still lay it down easily after the long journey.”


The benefits of Evotherm on more than 40 airport runway, taxiway and apron projects across the globe have been demonstrated over the last 12 years, from some of the busiest U.S. airports – like New York’s John F. Kennedy International, Chicago’s O’Hare International, and Boston’s Logan International – to Beijing’s Capital Airport, and many other remote airports that serve as the lifeblood for communities. Customers not only value Evotherm’s ability to improve compaction but also to enable more efficient paving without sacrificing quality or performance. The Gerken team confidently chose Evotherm on NBI and received a bonus for meeting the density specification.

Maximizing Value

  • The easy-to-use chemistry allows customers to add Evotherm directly into the asphalt haul
    truck, minimizing and simplifying additional facility needs and material handling.
  • The improved workability and compaction of Evotherm mixes boosts a paving crew’s
    productivity, which translates into cost savings and greater performance consistency.
  • The easy-to-use chemistry allows customers to easily switch from alternative products.

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