Jun 27, 2017

Imagine if highway repair after a hurricane were easier.

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Evotherm is an award-winning paving technology that speeds road construction. By dropping paving temperatures, the process is more environmentally friendly, can use more recycled materials and the pavement meets specifications more consistently. This means that roads perform better and our customers’ businesses do too. That’s the Ingevity effect.

Customer: Halifax Paving
Product: Evotherm® warm mix asphalt technology
End-use: Highway A1A in Flagler County, Fla.


Time was of the essence when Hurricane Matthew damaged miles of Florida’s eastern coast in Oct. 2016. Parts of State Road A1A (SR A1A), a National Scenic Byway and the only main emergency evacuation route for residents of Flagler County, were completely destroyed. Halifax Paving needed to reconstruct a 1.3-mile stretch of SR A1A and Governor Rick Scott wanted the road opened in just 30 days.

“We couldn’t have met the deadline using anything but Evotherm,” explains Fred Iannoti of Halifax. “Before Evotherm, our asphalt mixes were gooey and difficult to compact. We needed a product we could trust; One that was reliable, easy for our crews to work with, and met the state’s specification. Fast.”


The benefits of Evotherm on emergency and natural disaster projects across the globe have been demonstrated since the early 2000s and have included the Sichuan earthquake in China and Hurricane Sandy. Halifax had been using Evotherm on state, private and commercial projects since 2014 and confidently chose this technology to address the damage from Hurricane Matthew on SR A1A. The road was reopened just 14 days later and Halifax received in almost $1 million bonus for opening the road ahead of schedule.

Maximizing value

• The improved workability of Evotherm mixes helps make high-recycled content mixes possible, which is good for the environment and the customer’s bottom line.
• The improved workability and compaction of Evotherm mixes increases a paving crew’s productivity, which stacks up to cost savings and the ability to pave more projects.
• The easy-to-use chemistry allows customers to easily switch from alternative products.

Download a PDF of the Evotherm Customer Success Story

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