The IngeviWay

A framework that shapes our future and enables our success. 

In a world that constantly changes and faces new challenges, Ingevity is making a real difference. The IngeviWay describes who we are, what we want to be and what’s important to us. But it is more than words on a page. The IngeviWay is a long-term road map, in deed and in action, for how we will boldly seize our future and capitalize on the incredible opportunities ahead for our business.

Why We’re Here

To improve the world through innovations that purify, protect and enhance.

Simply put, The IngeviWay represents a calling – a purpose – that goes beyond financial results. It signifies why we are here: To improve the world through innovations that purify, protect and enhance. Living The IngeviWay is a declaration of our intent and commitment to the foundation of our culture and business. 

Who We Are

We’re bold, energetic, ingenious and genuine.

At Ingevity, people are at the center of everything we do. Even our name was inspired by the traits that define and differentiate our culture and our business. Innovation, ingenuity, longevity – and our genuine nature. Our success is dependent on a collaborative team that embodies these attributes and engages the diversity, knowledge, energy, talents and expertise of all of our people.  

What We Want to Be 

To be the recognized leader in our markets; to be proud of where we work; and to be a positive influence in our communities. 

Our vision requires us to reach beyond our grasp, but like the green “window of possibility” featured in our logo, it is not limiting. We aspire to achieve greatness through engaging the hearts, hands and minds of our people, which we believe will result in sustainable competitive advantage and the creation of significant social and economic value for our business and in the communities where we live and operate. 

Customer Success Stories

At Ingevity, we believe that the difference between “good enough” and “game changing” is a question of vision. That’s why we stop at nothing to amplify our customers' success, working together to make the world cleaner, safer, better. We call this unique ability The Ingevity Effect.

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What’s Important to Us

Safety and Sustainability

We strive for zero personal and process safety incidents. We continually seek to protect human health, the environment and our communities. We utilize resources in a responsible manner and encourage the responsible use and application of our products.


We strive to be our customers' technology partner of choice. We want to anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations. We create the most value for ourselves when we create value for our customers.


Our success requires a team-oriented culture that engages the diversity, knowledge, energy, talents and expertise of all individuals. We treat each other fairly and with respect; we seek to develop our skills and talents; and we reward results.

Commitment to Excellence

We strive to perform at the highest levels. We work to continuously improve our operations, our business and our results. To this end, each employee is accountable for delivering on his or her commitments.

Integrity and Ethical Behavior

We are honest, sincere and genuine. We do the right things at all times. We obey the letter and spirit of the laws of the countries in which we do business. 

Creativity and Innovation

We are innately curious and open to new ideas. We are always willing to be bold and take informed risks, and we view failure as an opportunity to learn.