Mar 03, 2021

Imagine if the grass really was greener on the other side.

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Nuchar® AG is an activated carbon technology tailored to treat soil used in grass farming. The superior capacity of Nuchar® AG to adsorb excess amounts of spray provides protection by keeping seedlings safe during planting, while the product’s ability to stay in suspension longer leads to more efficient application, enhancing crop yield and health. This means farmers can count on optimal operations and a successful planting season, year after year. That’s The Ingevity Effect.

Customer: Valley Agronomics
Product: Nuchar® AG
Application: Grass seed farming


Large-scale growers of corn, wheat and soy can support massive investment in research and development of herbicides that offer weed protection without simultaneously damaging new seedlings as they take root. Alternatively, small-scale farms must rely on alternative crop protection techniques that involve an herbicide alongside an additional product to protect seedlings and promote optimal growth. For the last 15 years, Valley Agronomics, a service company based in the northwestern U.S., has trusted Nuchar AG in the herbicides they supply to farmers of tall fescue and perennial ryegrass to enable superior performing crop protection.

“Grass seed farmers have one planting and growing season each year – their one shot – to get it right, so they rely on us to provide expert-tested products to ensure maximum effectiveness,” said Dennis Roth, vice president, west regional manager at Valley Agronomics. “Farming crews spraying formulas that use Nuchar AG experience faster, simpler application and these fields demonstrate up to 85% less crop injury when compared with other activated carbons. Even one look at fields using our proprietary formulas that include Nuchar AG shows grass that is fuller and a more vibrant green than the rest.”


Nuchar AG is a finely ground activated carbon selectively screened for the precise needs of the grass seed industry. The benefits of Nuchar AG as part of herbicide formulations for grass seed farming across the U.S. have been known for the last 17 years. Valley Agronomics has leveraged the expertise of industry-respected Precision Agricultural Research for the last three years to test the efficacy of multiple activated carbons in the products they supply to farms across Oregon’s Willamette Valley and beyond. Nuchar AG continues to outperform other activated carbons, helping Valley Agronomics remain a trusted supplier to their customers, and enabling farmers to nail the one shot they have each growing season, with far less stress.

Maximizing Value

  • Nuchar AG’s ability to stay in suspension longer than other activated carbon enables more uniform
    spray application in the field, saving farming crews valuable time.
  • The optimal particle size of Nuchar carbons prevents clogging of equipment spray nozzles, mitigating
    the risk of a catastrophic mid-field clog.
  • Nuchar AG is proven to adsorb excess amounts of herbicide during planting, which protects
    seedlings and further promotes higher crop yield and improved seed health.

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