Special (batch) delivery

Sep 17, 2012

The Evotherm technical support team has been working on a new batch plant pump unit that is more user friendly and less expensive. Over the last several months we have had comments from contractors regarding batch plant unit. The flow meter could be difficult to work with and inaccurate during small batch sizes. It was also very susceptible to electrical overload.

We have designed a unit that eliminates the flow meter completely. This will also allow the operator to run any size batch they want whereas before they were limited to running the same size batches. This has been found to be much more accurate and user friendly for contractors.

In states that require some type of data logging capabilities the unit can be fitted with a data logger just like the old ones. If no data logging is required the unit can be fitted with a simple totalizer which can easily be put in the control room to show the operator that the pump is working and the correct amount is going into every batch.  Several contractors have taken their original unit and rewired it to this configuration with much success. States have also been very receptive to this idea as long as they are present for initial calibration. Contact mailto://[email protected] for more information about the new batch plant Evotherm delivery system.

Author: Rob Bach