“Just a lot easier”

May 21, 2012

River Asphalt has run warm mix asphalt (WMA) in the past so they are familiar with WMA and best practices using WMA. When asked how Evotherm® compared to other technologies, they replied that Evotherm was “just a lot easier…don’t have to mess with equipment and use another guy around the plant to feed the system.”

River Asphalt performed their first Evotherm project out of their batch plant in Dagsboro, Delaware last month. They produced the 9.5mm 20% RAP mix with PG 64-22 that had Evotherm terminally blended by NuStar Energy. The plant ran at 140 tph with 280°F mix temperatures during startup. They lowered the temperature to 260°F and increased the production rate 18% to 165 tph after startup. 

In the field, the results were good as well. All density readings were over 93% and anything over 93% is equal to 105% bonus pay. The completion of the project yielded excellent results with bonus pay and many compliments. The FOB/over-the-counter customers of River Materials also commented that the Evotherm mix they received was some of the best mix they have had in a while. 



Author: Jason Mapes