Science Friction

Sep 29, 2011

That's the title of a Better Roads magazine article this month. The article even highlights the elimination of fibers from a porous asphalt mix design using Evotherm (more on that Parris Island job here). Writes contributing editor, Tom Kuennen, "This new generation of OGFCs is being bolstered by the advent of high-performance "spray" pavers that place thin, polymer-modified OGFCs quickly and with great consistency, and by new materials that halt the potential "draindown" of liquid asphalt within an open-graded mix. Use of polymer-modified and rubber-modified binders for OGFCs have become common. New materials and equipment make these pavements all the more exciting. Plus, here in the rainy Southeast, it's much nicers to be driving behind an 18-wheeler in a rainstorm when you are driving on an OGFC!

Author: Heather Dolan