Lube industry confronts talent shortage

Dec 27, 2018

A shortage of skilled trade workers, sales reps and engineers in the lube industry threatens to disrupt continuity in the industry as more young workers move toward IT.  Many millennials and Gen Xers mistakenly believe IT provides the only innovative career path suited to their desire for growth and opportunities to use their technical skills. But as older workers in the lubricants industry begin to retire in large numbers within the next five years, opportunities will continue to rise for these younger, skilled workers. Our industry must work to attract these younger workers through innovative appeals on social media and increasing the awareness of the opportunities available in the field. 

“Companies that show true innovation, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and values and that show the important work the business does to wider society [are attractive to] younger audiences,” said James Moorhouse, director ofdownstream oil industry staffing company ABN Resource.

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Why should you care?

An aging work population in the lube field endangers the smooth succession and transition necessary to maintain and advance current capabilities. The continued success of the industry depends on its ability to attract young, innovative workers.