Industry calls for extended REACH dossier update deadlines

Mar 04, 2020

Due to the REACH registration complexities, many trade bodies are worried certain deadlines set in the draft regulation will be challenging to meet. These organizations have reiterated their demand for the European Commission to extend its proposed deadlines for updates to REACH registration dossiers. According to a recent article in Chemical Watch, the Commission is now considering the feedback prior to potential adoption of the regulation later this year.

The Commission has been asked to consider adding a specific clause to allow extra time in “exceptional cases,” and include a distinction for when the update would trigger additional classifications or uses of the substance in question.

Some industry members believe short deadlines “could be a problem” for smaller entities that do not have a dedicated REACH team or a permanent consultant. In a contrasting view, NGO the European Environmental Bureau has urged the Commission to ensure a mandatory periodic review of dossiers takes place “at least once a year”.

Why should you care?

It will be telling to see how the Commission handles these requests in upcoming months. If extensions are accepted, it could ease some ongoing stress from many industry organizations.