Green proposition for metwalworking fluids

Feb 27, 2019

Over the last few decades, Italy has sparked an interesting shift in demand for the use of environmentally-friendly products in the metalworking fluid industry. Since 1939, the country has managed to sustain a lofty tax on lubricant oils manufactured and imported into Italy. The tariff has encouraged companies operating in the Italian metalworking industry to develop alternatives for oil bases, ultimately leading to the development of synthetic esters.

Research and development efforts have finally made it possible to engineer products that perform superior to mineral-based options and have friendlier health and environmental characteristics. Although these products tend to be costlier, they represent a key growth opportunity for companies manufacturing and selling them.

To understand how this sustainable trend developed and the current opportunities, read the latest article from Lube Magazine.

Why should you care?

The “green” proposition that ester-based lubricants offer for metalworking fluid applications could be a key tool for acquiring new customers.