Formulating in a legislative straightjacket

Jun 30, 2020

Following the production and business losses from Covid-19, metalworking fluid (MWF) formulators must also adjust to even more stringent health and safety regulations resulting from the pandemic. Particularly when it comes to microbes, formulating options available to developers have shrunk significantly in many regions due to the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR). Since the BPR has eliminated the use of many chemicals that were historically used to protect metalworking fluids against bacterial growth, there is a higher focus on using creativity to enhance the currently acceptable chemistry toolbox.

As customers look for better surface finishing and longer tool life, suppliers must find ways to enhance available synergies among smaller product portfolios. For example, replacing MWFs frequently is not an option for many end users due to the additional costs of fresh fluids, disposal of old fluids and lost production time. Potential synergistic effects between amino alcohols and commonly used biocides make it easier for formulators to optimize the use of approved biocides.

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Why should you care?

Innovation is key in this industry. Recent formulation developments bring light to the fact that there are creative ways to adjust to stringent regulations and provide effective options for MWF formulators.