Faces of Lubricants: Nadine Boulengier

Dec 05, 2019

Client satisfaction is key for EMEA Customer Service Representative Nadine Boulengier. Based out of Ingevity’s Brussel’s office, Nadine is an integral part of ensuring customer success for the oilfield and lubricants business. Her breadth of knowledge about our various products, expansive analytical skills and listening capabilities make her an extremely effective communicator—a necessary characteristic for this role. Did we mention she also speaks three languages (she is fluent in French, German and English)? While Nadine may wears many hats as a customer service representative, she is always helping others and keeping our customers top-of-mind.

Tell us about the experience you bring to your role.

I’ve been with Ingevity for nearly three years now. Previously, I worked in similar positions for more than 10 years, mainly for the automotive and the paper industry. I had to learn almost everything about the chemical industry when joining Ingevity, which has been a great experience. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of my role is being a “helper”. Even more then handling the orders, planning deliveries and completing paperwork, our job is to focus on the client’s satisfaction. I am a good listener with analytical skills and I believe that communication is the key to reach that goal.

Where did you grow up?

As a child, I was raised within three difference cultures. My mother is Austrian, my father is French, and as a family we moved a lot. I spent most of my youth in various places throughout France and Germany. As an adult I carried on this lifestyle until I moved to Belgium in 2007. I have never been in one location for so long! It is easier to fall for Brussels as some might think. I do not know why i like “her” so much, but I really do.

What’s one of your favorite memories working with the Lubricants team? 

Even though I am not based in the U.S. with most of the sales and technical team, I enjoy the camaraderie that exists. It is not always easy to collaborate with the distance, but I always feel included with the team and notice that my input is appreciated.

Name one thing about your work that gets you out of bed in the morning.

I am so lucky to work with the our EMEA team, we are like an unexpected family. No matter if we come from a different background, culture, or even country, at the end we stick together and collaborate efficiently.

Describe one of your favorite adventures you’ve been on.

At some point, I realized I actually had seen very little of France, since I would always travel to the same places in order to visit friends or relatives. The thought stayed with me for a while and sparked an interest to explore my homeland. At a time when I was between jobs, I decided that would be the perfect opportunity. Only few days later, I had my motorcycle checked, bag packed, and went for a road trip through France. I spent three months on what I call “my personal tour de France”, an is still think it is my favorite adventure and I love that it originated from a random thought.

What does your typical day look like as a customer service rep for the EMEA region for the Lubricants team?

A customer service rep knows that his/her work is never “done”. There will always be a new task to do, a new email coming in or a new solution to come up with. When I process the orders and plan the deliveries, I try to always think 10 steps ahead, work with priorities and oftentimes multitask. It is a challenging, humbling, but very rewarding position. The days are not alike and each client has different expectations.

If not yourself, who would you be?

I would probably be Road Runner, the cartoon character with the characteristic “Beep! Beep!”. I think we share the same energy as this speedy, blue and purple bird.

Share one of your favorite hobbies.

I am a creative person and as far as my memory goes, I was always drawing. A few years ago, I was a professional painter, illustrator and street artist. But I realized that painting was so much more rewarding when I keep it as a hobby and I decided to make a change in my career. This decision has given me so much more freedom to explore, as too many expectations harmed my creativity. I recently bought an airbrush kit and I am looking forward to practicing and learning more about that technique.

Where would you like to live?

Eventually I would love to move to Reunion Island. Part of the Mascarene Islands, Reunion lies in the Indian Ocean. It’s a very special place, and I am particularly impressed by the diversity of landscapes. In the same day, you can explore the mangroves, have a walk on the beach and go for a hike through a tropical forest to the mythic volcano, Piton de la Fournaise. The diversity of population, culture, religion and tradition is often cited as an example. The population is a happy united melting pot of cultures, which gives the place an exceptional cultural and spiritual wealth. Obviously, the diversity of the island is also expressed in the local cuisine, a harmonious marriage of diverse influences (Europe, Africa, India and China). So tasty!

What are you most excited about for the future of the Lubricants team?

I am pleased with the quality of collaboration and I see a great opportunity to grow as we are sharing knowledge and ideas. I genuinely feel that we are looking in the same direction and I am really looking forward to seeing how the business will develop in the coming months.

Who inspires you to be better?

I profoundly admire Stephane Hessel and Simone De Beauvoir. Their free spirits, careers, life, work and legacy never stop impressing me. Nothing inspires me more than a person who is willing to reconsider their beliefs and goes outside of their comfort zone.