Duplication possible under South Korea rule

Feb 27, 2019

Duplicate registration and confidential business information (CBI) remain concerns for trade groups in regards to South Korea’s recent Occupational and Safety Health Act (Osha) amendment. EU and US industry organizations believe further compromise will ensure effective implementation amongst the global market.

South Korea’s amendment requires registration of new products under both K-REACH and Osha, alluding to potential duplication of efforts. The trade groups “believe it should be possible to use the information from K-REACH registration to comply with Osha.” Discrepancies also exist surrounding the protection of confidential information on safety data sheets.

For an update on Osha’s amendment that has been in effect since January 15, read the latest article from Chemical Watch.

Why should you care?

Global regulations are an ongoing challenge that everyone faces in the industry. Understanding the complex restrictions specific to each country will impact the way companies choose to do business.