Growing demand for diesel in U.S.

Jan 24, 2019

Based on 2018 U.S. automotive sales, Americans’ preferences to drive bigger vehicles has led to a steady growth in demand for diesel engines. Despite the number of alternative fuel options on the horizon and the negative connotations frequently associated with diesel, clean, fuel-efficient diesel engines continue to appeal to the U.S. market.

For example, U.S. diesel light-duty vehicles reached their highest annual level in 2018 (more than 500,000 units) and Class 2 and 3 pickups grew over 12 percent YOY.

Number of models sold in 2018 by technology type. Data provided by Baum & Assoc.

The increase in sales is attributed to the power and performance benefits compared to a traditional gas engine. Diesel engines offer flexible fuel options, outstanding driving range, towing capabilities and usually a high resale value.

Did you know? A typical full-size diesel pickup truck owner will save about 200 gallons of fuel each year while achieving an additional driving range of 125 miles.

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Why should you care?

With automakers somewhat reluctant to promote diesels, the engine will likely remain a niche player that is sought out by fans of the technology.