Warm mix paving leads to success in urban streets

Oct 29, 2018

Location was the driving force behind manufacturer National Asphalt’s decision to incorporate warm mix technology into its paving mix. Located in Fairfax, Virginia, most of the company’s projects take place in urban environments such as office buildings, condos and apartment complexes. These types of surroundings require a minimal visual presence so paving doesn’t disrupt the general public with blue smoke and odors.

“Adding Evotherm to our mix has been a win-win for everyone,” said Tim Boone, president of National Asphalt. “Since the roads we’re paving are in such close proximity to populous neighborhoods, we try to keep a low profile. Evotherm has helped reduce our presence and made us more efficient. We’re able to complete jobs quicker and easier than ever before.”

National Asphalt starting using Evotherm in early 2017 as an antistrip, but has been using 100 percent Evotherm as a warm mix additive since February. National Asphalt sells to smaller contractors who pave subdivisions, driveways, parking lots, complexes and strip malls. Since the majority of work is happening right under the general public’s nose, keeping a low profile is a priority.

Other than reduced emissions and odor, Evotherm offers plenty of competitive advantages to National Asphalt’s customers. It allows the mix to be produced at lower temperatures while maintaining its workability. This process saves fuel in the manufacturing process, and also reduces exposure to jobsite emissions.

Not only does Evotherm help save money by replacing anti-strip and reducing fuel consumption, but customers can expect a longer life out of material produced at lower temperatures. Better compaction and workability, reduced environmental impact, and fuel savings are just a few of the ways Evotherm can positively impact paving operations.

How can Evotherm bring you a win this season?