NEW On-line Calculator

Aug 19, 2011

MP900409223[1] Like saving money? Want to improve your bottom line? See how much using Evotherm WMA can save on your next project with our new on-line calculator. It's on our homepage,, and is kind of like the refinance calculators that the banks have.

You input your aspalt cost per ton and energy cost per ton. Then you can indicate whether or not you can eliminate a liquid anti-strip or lime, if you are using either one of those. Finally, you put in how much additional RAP or RAS you could add if the workability were there. You can refine the model by clicking on the Advanced tab. When you're done, just click Submit.

The calculator will return an estimate of how much Evotherm will cost and how much value above the cost we'd expect you to get. Energy savings, increased production, eliminating lime or liquid anti-strip, lowering AC content, and using more RAP and RAS all add up. Interested? Give a ring to 843-746-8106 or drop an email to mailto://[email protected].

Author: Heather Dolan