Show Me State shows how it’s done!

Oct 07, 2010

"NB West Mixes the Recycle Options for Missouri" was the headline of a story in Asphalt Pro this month by Sandy Lender editor of AsphaltPro magazine. For Earth Day 2010, Missouri DOT (MoDOT) officials teamed up with NB West to film two educational videos about the recycled content of asphalt. A project this summer on Route 47 used RAS for the first time in Missouri in a polymer modified asphalt. The MoDOT video explains that over $20 MM has been saved in Missouri when recycled asphalt and shingles were used.


Steve Jackson of NB West is quoted as saying "We decided to use Evotherm 3G on this project because of the long haul (approximately 1 hour), as an aid to achieving density, and to achieve a bonus on our tensile strength rations (TSRs). We have also had more problems with our tires on the drum cracking since we started RAP and RAS….By using Evotherm 3G M1 we are able to reduce our drying temperature and reduce our plant maintenance." The mix was a 12.5 mm nominal maximum aggregate size Superpave mix designated as SP125CLP and contained 5% RAS and 10% RAP with PG70-22 PMA and the Evotherm 3G additive.