Cool start in Wyoming

Jun 09, 2015

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Jim Lynch gets to visit some of the prettiest areas of the county. Earlier this month, he was onsite with Riverside Construction, from Billings MT, as they began a job on Highway 14, west of Wapiti, WY. Summer still has cool morning air with temperatures in the 40s. After a harsh winter, every day counts to get critical road maintenance and paving work started.

With a 5 knot breeze, tarped trucks delivered mix to the site at 270 F after an 18-mile haul. Crews used a paver with a 20-f00t wide screed to place the mat along with 2 rollers. The mat temperature was 232 F after breakdown by two rollers. This was followed by one intermediate and one finish roller to achieve the 20-foot wide pass.. Compaction was excellent on this project for WYDOT

Riverside Construction is very happy with the way the project turned out. The main line is now finished and they are using Evotherm to help with the finish work of the approaches and tie-in. 



Author: Jim Lynch