“Man, this stuff is great”

Nov 02, 2010

Last week I was in National City, California, for a demonstration with CA Commercial Asphalt and ATP. We hooked things up this morning at around 6:30AM and the first trucks went out around 7:45AM with ambient temps in the 50's. When I arrived at the jobsite, the city inspector, Gilbert Valdez, grabbed me and said "Man, this stuff is great, I love it!  Just after we laid down the first few tons, we had three trucks cross filled with Toyotas coming into the port.  They all crossed over the new mat, and it had already set up so well that all you could see were tire marks, but no rutting!  I'm amazed!"  They laid about 650T, and the road crew foreman told me he never wants to run HMA again. Delta lost my camera on the  way out there, and Kerry Hoover of California Asphalt Magazine was kind enough to share these pictures with us. 


Author: Michael Plouff