Up & Over the Mountains

Feb 01, 2011

One comment in the survey has been “more job profiles!”. So here’s one from northern California about some emergency digouts and paving. The  jobsite in Modoc National Forest required traversing a mountain pass with low temperatures in the 20s. As the trucks reached the pass, they were required to chain up and then remove the chains on the other side. This resulted in over a two-hour haul. The objective was to see if a warm-mix would perform in the late season with extended haul distances and these conditions were extreme. So hat’s off to Eagle Peak Sand and Gravel who completed their Evotherm job near Alturas, CA last Wednesday.  


The mix was 3/4" with a modified PG 62-28 binder and had a 15% RAP content. Initial compaction temperatures were around 270 F. Eagle Peak was amazed that there were no chunks found after the belly dump. Eagel Peak President, Tony Cruse, claimed that the mix came out of the chute "like sand".  Target densities were surpassed throughout the run.  They were even able to compact mix that was placed in a water-filled rut without any cracking! Word is that Tony is already thinking of ways that Eagle Peak can use Evotherm in the future. Here at Behind the Screed, we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

Author: Rick Madison