2 Milestones in North Carolina

Oct 24, 2011

Evotherm usage has soared in NC this year, with many contractors using it as their anti-strip and warm mix all-in-one additive. Last week, S.T. Wooten Corporation ran North Carolina's first combined Evotherm, RAP & RAS paving job. While Texas and Missouri run this type of mix frequently, NCDOT has approved a handful of WMA & RAS JMF's. Evotherm also just surpassed the 75,000 mix ton milestone in North Carolina. This upgrades Evotherm to a "limited WMA technology" classification and allows Evotherm on any route except Interstates.

On October 18th, S.T. Wooten Corporation began a 15,000T Evotherm project in Youngsville, NC. Paving took place on a remote road approximately 40 minutes from the plant. The ambient temperature was 68-75 F.  Evotherm was added at the asphalt terminal and delivered to S.T. Wooten's parallel flow drum plant. They produced the 9.5mm, PG 64-22 mix containing 15% RAP and 5% shingles at a rate of  225 tph. The Evotherm WMA was produced at 275 F versus a normal plant operating temperature of 300 F. Asphalt containing Evotherm was supplied by NuStar Energy's Wilmington, NC, terminal.

North Carolina requires a test strip to be done consisting of 5 density readings and 5 core samples. The densities were checked in the field using a Troxler 4640B nuclear density gauge. All densities were above 92%, exceeding the state specifications.
Author: Will Cabell