May 30, 2012

The industry has a new forum for sharing their asphalt knowledge and improving competitiveness. After over 10 years in the road construction industry, Andy Pujats introduces, an interactive website that allows road construction professionals the opportunity to pose questions, provide answers and generate solutions. All areas of road construction such as Asphalt, Concrete, Recycling and Milling, Erosion Control, Soil Stabilization (mechanical and chemical), Engineering Services and Underground Utilities are now in one convenient location at

Foremen, superintendents, engineers, estimators, DOT personnel, manufacturers and suppliers will gather to exchange ideas and solutions to better solve the everyday occurrences on projects throughout the country and soon globally.

Free for users to post photos, link to websites, download documents and more in a simple and efficient manner. will allow the community to share experiences and help solve everyday problems in a more efficient manner than ever before.

You, the user, ask the questions. You, the user, provide the answer. You, the user, are the solution. You, are the community!

Log onto today and please share your experience with your colleagues and friends. The mobile App will be coming to your smartphone in June 2012.

Author: Andy Pujats,