It’s early but we’re paving with Evotherm!

Mar 22, 2011

In early March, BP Short Company made Evotherm warm mix out of their Lawrenceville, VA plant. The purpose of this project was to use Evotherm warm mix to allow BP Short to pave in cold weather conditions. The high temperature for the day was 44°F. The mix being produced was a recycled 19.0-mm base layer that was to be hauled 45 minutes and placed over a milled surface on Highway 1 outside of South Hill, VA. The Evotherm mix was produced between 265-255°F and arrived on the jobsite at 245-250°F. Due to the colder weather conditions, the Virginia DOT would not allow BP Short to pave using standard HMA. The use of Evotherm allowed BP Short to complete the project without having to wait for optimum weather conditions while still getting excellent mix performance.  They were also able to remove the liquid anti-strip from the job because Evotherm is approved by VDOT as an adhesion promoter.

Author: Jason Mapes