RAP-ing in Orange County, FL

Aug 31, 2015

Ranger and Hunt 533

Residential areas with low traffic demands can be excellent candidates for mixes with a high amount recycled asphalt pavement (RAP). To improve compaction and workability, Ranger Construction added Evotherm to a 40% RAP mix for a residential area near Chuluota Fl. The most important criteria were appearance and a tight joint at the curb and gutter.

The addition of Evotherm dropped the mix production temperature down 40 degrees, from 330F to 290F. After a 45 minute haul, this mix was laid 1.5 inches thick and compacted to roughly 1.25 inches. Field observations showed that for long hauls insulated tarps should be utilized if available. The mesh tarps on this job allowed some heat to escape. On site, a thin crust could be observed in the truck that quickly fell apart when loaded in the paver. This is not a critical issue, and there were no performance issues due to the crust. The mix looked tight next to the curb and gutter, holding a very clean edge that should improve the longitudinal joint density. 


Author: Lance Brooks