Beware of Dog

Oct 19, 2010

I recently took a trip back to my home state to work with Curran Contracting in Dekalb, IL.  It was nice to see the farmers in the fields again. One of the largest headaches and dangers in the field is the traffic.  We should always be aware and cautious on the job site, paying special attention to the traffic. On the other hand, we should also be cautious and aware when we are traveling through the construction zones. Please slow down and be aware of the people working. There is no need to get out of your vehicle, as only problems arise…

If you leave your vehicle while in the construction zone, your dog may lock you out of the car. This will completely stall traffic for a long period of time and force you to call your wife (who was shopping apparently) to bring you your spare set of keys.  If you are lucky and have a nice dog, he will lock you out but then take time to roll down the window so you can get back in the vehicle.  Please be safe and pay attention when in constructions zones!

Illinois dog

FYI, the project went well. We paved using Evotherm and were able to decrease production temperatures by 60 °F on a job with an hour-long haul. Job site densities were increased from 93% to 95% while going from 7 down to 5 passes with the breakdown roller.

Author: Jason Mapes