Paving DeRidder

May 03, 2011

Sometimes your own parking lots needs a little attention and our DeRidder, Louisiana, facility needed some Evotherm WMA on all lifts of the parking lot. Prairie Contractors produced the PG64-22 intermediate coarse. Conditions were ideal for paving with a high temperature of 85 F and a haul time of only 10 minutes. The mix was initially produced at normal hot mix temp of 320 F to get all the parts of the plant up to temperature. After the first 40 tons the mix temp was lowered to 300 F with excellent coating of aggregate. With a little persuasion I convinced the plant superintendent to lower temperature even more. At 80 tons the mix was being produced at 265 F consistently and still with excellent coating. The owner of Prairie, Jay Winford, commented that "there is no way that we could get that low with foam."


R.C. Paving laid the asphalt at the parking lot. The 2" intermediate coarse over crusher run was consistently being placed at 245F behind the screed. The paving foreman stated, "It's going down like hot mix." Jay Winford and David O'Neal (owner of R.C. Paving) both took a trip to the field to see how things were going and were impressed by the workability of the mix at such low temperatures. The crew performed hand work in some areas of the parking lot with no issues at 245 F.

Author: Rob Bach