How COLD do you keep WARM?

Oct 28, 2010

Cold season paving is upon us or even well underway depending on where you live. Which brings me to ask: how COLD do you keep WARM? A big benefit of Evotherm is extending the paving season. Workability is maintained and target compaction densities are achieved when the cold makes paving with traditional hot mix asphalt a losing battle. NYC icicles Check out the photo – icicles in NYC from an Evotherm job last year.

What is the coldest ambient air temperature you have started paving? We will be sharing our cold weather paving stories from jobs going on this week and we want to know your low-temp record! Those who submit comments of lowest 5 ambient air temperatures will receive a Work Thermos to help them stay warm on the job. So click the comment button to share how cold you have stayed warm with Evotherm!

Author: Heather Dolan