NCAT Announces Test Track Meeting

Sep 16, 2011

Dr. Buzz Powell at NCAT announces the next Track Conference on Februrary 28-29, 2012. He would like to have industry well represented.  There will be a lot of focus on how the design, construction, field performance, and laboratory performance of high recycled content mixes compares to virgin mixes. 

This two-day meeting will highlight the latest research findings from the fourth cycle at NCAT’s Pavement Test Track (2009–2012). Attendees will tour the track and hear researchers and DOT engineers discuss track research and some of its implementable findings, including:

  • Properties and performance of test sections using 50 percent RAP, warm-mix asphalt, Thiopave sulfur-modified mixes, Trinidad Lake Asphalt and high-dose SBS-modified asphalt mixes
  • Validation of the perpetual pavement design methodology and fatigue endurance limit
  • Comparison of test sections using ground tire rubber and SBS-modified binders
  • Determination of the structural contribution of OGFC layers
  • Assessment of noise and safety benefits of OGFC layers over several test track cycles
  • Comparison of MEPDG-predicted and actual pavement performance
  • Use of new lab tests to predict friction, rutting and cracking potential of asphalt mixes

You can register for the conference online at or contact Buzz Powell at 334.844.6857 for additional information.

Author: Heather Dolan and NCAT's flyer