WMA attracts Asphalt Rubber Conference attention

Nov 07, 2012

Participants at The
Fifth International Asphalt Rubber Conference
 talked at length about using warm-mix technologies in conjunction with asphalt rubber to improve the environmental benefits of rubberized asphalt pavements. Over 250 participants from 29 countries travelled to Munich, Germany, for the conference. Papers that attracted particular attention were:

  • “Research Findings on the Use of Rubberized Warm Mix Asphalt in California” by Dr. David Jones from The University of California at Davis 
  • “Utilizing Warm Mix Technologies in Rubberized Asphalt Pavements” by Dr. DingXin Cheng from the California State University
  • “Development of Crumb Rubber Modified (CRM) PG Specification” by Gaylon Baumgardner and John D’Angelo.  

Experts from around the world also presented papers on various aspects of asphalt rubber
and rubberized asphalt binder design, mixture design, construction methods,
life cycle cost analysis and ongoing research. The program highlighted the environmental aspects of rubberized asphalt pavements and the
reduction in tire/pavement noise and improved sustainability due to longer
lasting pavements. The
program agenda and the papers presented can be found here

Author: Tejash Gandhi