Fiberless SMA hits the mainline in Maryland

Jan 14, 2015


The Maryland Asphalt Association produced a video highlighting the use of stone matrix asphalt (SMA) and warm mix asphalt (WMA) on major highways and roadways where increased durability and rut resistance is a primary importance. Using this type of specialized asphalt mix design increases the time between maintenance activities which is a prime concern to the traveling public. Evotherm has made the production of SMA more environmentally friendly and allows for superior compaction. 


Aggregate Industries produces fiber-less SMA at lowered production temperatures using Evotherm M. Bryan Pecht, Technical Marketing Manager for the Mid-Atlantic, worked closely with Aggregate Industries, visiting the the plant and field to assist in the production process. The team achieved good compaction and mix qualities. Aggregate Industries makes producing high quality SMA an everyday activity.

Source: Marshall Klinefelter, Maryland Asphalt Association