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Enhance your pesticide formulations with Ingevity’s AltaOil product line

Oil-based suspension formulations, known as oil dispersions (ODs), are commonly used for water-sensitive active ingredients and require specific products with unique properties that aim to ensure long-term stability for pesticide applications. An OD formulation consists of active ingredient particles suspended in an oil medium with the aid of a dispersant and rheology modifier. The built-in emulsifier is used to emulsify the oil into emulsion droplets once the formulation is diluted in water.

To solve the obstacles OD formulations present, Ingevity developed AltaOil, a portfolio of oil products that provide enhanced long-term stability and built-in adjuvancy. Compared to alternative commonly used oils such as vegetable oil and methylated vegetable oil, Ingevity’s AltaOil products provide excellent formulation stability, hard water stability and built-in rainfastness. AltaOil has strong compatibility with a range of solvents and surfactants, offering greater flexibility for different formulation needs.

Ingevity offers a new product line, AltaOil, which can be used as a high-performing, stand-alone oil in oil dispersion (OD) formulations. This product line contains two products, AltaOil 1105, which was designed specifically for use in biological OD formulations; and AltaOil 1120, which was designed specifically for challenging conventional OD formulations.

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