Warm Mix and a Clean Baghouse

Jul 21, 2015

Jamestown Macadam ran their Evotherm project for the Town of Jamestown, a small town roughly 1.5 hours from Buffalo, NY.  Paving with warm mix lowered temperatures by 65°F while still having excellent workability, coating, and density. Jamestown Macadam produced a mix containing 15% RAP using 64V-22 (70-22) polymer modified liquid from United Refining out of Warren, PA.  

After starting up the plant at 340°F, they increased production to lower temperatures to 275°F up the drag. Even at this low production temperature, the baghouse exhaust temperatures were 215°F, well above the dewpoint. Fan inlet temperatures of 185 F are typically "safe" to keep the baghouse temperature from falling below the dewpoint (learn more here). At the end of the day they opened up the access panel to the baghouse to find it "cleaner than we have ever seen it".
Lake Shore Paving conducted the 1.5" mill and fill on 6th St. in downtown Jamestown. The paving train consisting of a Vogele Paver and 2 Dynapac rollers established a good rolling pattern and consistent densities. Temperature behind the screed leveled out around 250°-255°F with ambient temperatures of 55°-60°F in the morning. The rolling train was kept close to achieve the best mat density. 
Author: Rob Bach