“Impressed with Evotherm”

Mar 08, 2011

Another successful trial on a very cool morning here in east Tennessee.  Due to aggressive weather conditions (overcast, 35 – 40 °F in the morning, damp aggregate from rain the previous day), the combination of unheated silos and cooler weather conditions lead to mix being shipped to the job site between 250 °F and 260 °F.  The Evotherm PG 64-22 mix with 15% RAP ran well in the plant – no issues with the slat, the silo, or the baghouse.  

Temperatures were as low as 220 °F behind the screed.  Mark Woods with the Tennessee DOT responded very favorably about his observations: no segregation, tight mat, and uniform density across the mat. The laydown crew was able to get density with ease.  They actually reported a 98% density (Gmm) with the nuclear gauge before pulling off passes and said they had never done that before with HMA.  

Blalock ran the remaining mix for some commercial work which included the paving of driveways.  They increased production temperatures back to 260 °F to aid in hand work efforts.  William Smith of Blalock said, "I am impressed with Evotherm."  The operator, Mark, was also very complimentary stating that he expected issues only to find that the material ran as advertised.

Author: David Newton