So Many (Concrete) Potholes

Dec 10, 2013

I264 before and after

Sometimes things get bad, really bad. Potholes littered the concrete of Virginia's Interstate 264. "I have never seen so many potholes. Chunks of pothole debris all over the roadway and flying up on cars," wrote a district facility manager as reported by the Virginian-Pilot. Vehicles were getting flat tires and "hundreds" of claims were coming in. In response,  VDOT  created an emergency, district-wide contract for on-call concrete patching and sought  help from the Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research. 

In the end, it was time for "a dreamy new coating of asphalt". Crews from Branscome Paving applyed a thin layer of asphalt containing Evotherm technology over much of I-264 in Norfolk in late October. As the video shows, crews transformed the commute from a coffee spilling nightmare to a latte sipping dream. VDOT will begin adding additional inches of asphalt beginning in the spring to bolster the pavement.