Glad Dirt Road is Paved

Oct 12, 2015


The recent "1000-year" rain event dropped 6x the volume of Lake Okeechobee on South Carolina and allowed my kids to kayak in the backyard. Nearby, James Island received 23 inches of rain in two days. Charleston County developed a new porous pavement design for rural roads that it has been using this year. They engineered the mix to perform as a 2-inch final surface course. Stormwater management is critical in the Southeast.The new mix (more here) improves the road surface without needing to dig up residents' yards for drainage ditches. 

I really wanted to see how the new roads fared in the extreme weather, A couple of "shade tree mechanics" told me that the new suface did great during the storm, much better than the old dirt road. Even after taking a thorough dousing, the new road looks ready to continue to serve the community.


Author: Heather Dolan