Smooth operator

Apr 29, 2016

TRBA Award 2

No matter your taste in music, you probably know it as the chart-topping hit song by English band, Sade, in the 1980s: “Smooth Operator.” But this is also a title that only few can wear proudly every year at the Tennessee Road Builders Association (TRBA) Annual Meeting. This year, contractor LoJac Inc. was awarded the Large Project Smooth Pavement Award for a praise-worthy smoothness rating of 32.2 on an Interstate 65 open graded friction course project in Robertson County, near Nashville. The 23,590 mix ton project, completed in 2015, was a winning combination of the best paving practices demonstrated by LoJac’s experienced crew, and Evotherm’s ability to reduce compactive effort and thermal segregation. To date, the project continues to perform well.

As we blare “Smooth Operator” in the background, we are shouting: “Congratulations TRBA on your quality work with Evotherm!”