Rogers Group rocks Ingevity’s technical center

May 22, 2017

What’s it like when quality control managers from across the U.S. visit Ingevity’s technical center? “Productive and fun,” says Ben Bredenkamp, technical marketing at Ingevity.

Ingevity and Rogers Group, Inc. have developed a strong partnership over the last eight years. Rogers Group, headquartered in Nashville, focuses on highway construction, asphalt production and paving, bridge construction, and quarry operations.

This spring, many of the hardest working quality control leaders at Rogers Group descended upon Ingevity’s technical hub in North Charleston, S.C. to learn more about the ins and outs of the hallmark Evotherm® warm mix asphalt technology. To better understand and build upon Rogers Group’s successes with the product to date, topics from both Ingevity and Rogers Group were presented over the two-day visit.

“Our Tennessee and North Carolina teams have already had great success with Evotherm and we look forward to spreading that success to our other divisions,” explains Jared Nix, director of corporate quality control at Rogers Group. “If we’re going to continue to successfully utilize Evotherm, it’s important for us to have our quality control leadership on the same page about the value this product brings to our projects and operations.”

“We discussed everything from optimizing mix designs, to increased production and performance, to best practices in the field,” explains Bredenkamp. “The quality of discussion generated by the technical presentations and the question-and-answer sessions with our laboratory and field application experts were invaluable for us all.” The visit consisted of laboratory and plant tours, technical presentations, and an ample amount of time for discussion during the group’s exploration of Charleston.

“I continue to hear from our guys what a valuable trip the visit to Ingevity was,” shares Nix. “The schedule was a great blend of technical topics, product updates, project case studies, and facility tours.”

“One of the most exciting aspects of hosting customers at our technical center is bringing the people who actually use our products in the field into contact with the people who develop those products. This is how Ingevity stays at the forefront of the industry,” says Bredenkamp. “Our entire Evotherm team is organized to help improve our customers’ business.”

How could you benefit from a visit to Ingevity’s technical center? Click here if you’re curious about how Evotherm could work for your operations.