CalAPA highlights Hwy 89

Jun 29, 2015


CalAPA's Russell Snyder featured George Reed's work on California Highway 89, which used Evotherm WMA throughout the project, in this weeks California Asphalt Insider. CalAPA reports that "Roger Smith, who has an exacting eye for detail, is a stickler for quality, and isn't shy about speaking his mind. Smith, a former senior materials engineer for Caltrans, the Asphalt Institute and onetime state asphalt pavement association executive…is known for showing photos (of) projects done right.

Recently Smith came upon a work being done on Highway 89 by CalAPA member George Reed Inc., and quickly fired off the following note to a couple of the company officials: "I was in the Sierra last weekend and came across your paving projects on Highway 89 (10-Alp-89) near Highway 88," Smith wrote. "I just want to compliment George Reed Inc. on what is a very nice paving job … very smooth, nice uniform texture and appearance, and great paving joints. The outside edges are nice clean lines and even the temporary markers are perfect. The whole job shows pride of workmanship. I noticed an MTV (Material Transfer Vehicle, or "shuttle buggy") on site so I assume it was used for all that work, and contributed to the nice uniform look of the new HMA."

Hat's off to George Reed for such attention-grabbing work. The only thing the Evotherm team would change in the CalAPA write up is the "nice uniform look of the new WMA."

 Author: Heather Dolan with contribution from Russell Snyder (CalAPA)