Staying out of the Dog House

May 04, 2015


Orlando Paving Company paved the CNN/Money's 21st "Best Place to Live in America” using Evotherm as approximately 9,000 square yards of mix was laid in the Chelsea Landing Subdivision of Orlando, Florida.

Crews placed a 12mm wearing course of PG56 -22 with 30% recycled asphalt pavement. Being a residential area, a smooth appearance along with tight joints at the curb and gutter were most important. On the cul-de-sacs, crews completed one half of the circle and then transitioned into mainline paving.  Trucks cleaned our very well, especially in the “dog house” area. 

Overall the 1.5-inch compacted mix looked great and had a tight uniform appearance with consistent joint work throughout. 


Author: Will Cabell