Keep on Learning

Feb 01, 2013

Recently, two of our Asphalt Innovations employees participated in an industry event to gain valuable insight into the ever-changing and complex asphalt industry – with a goal of furthering their job performance. Jason Mapes (far right), lead applications engineer and Jamie Wing (second from right), development chemist, attended the Basic Binder Technician Training at the Asphalt Institute in Lexington, Kentucky.

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Jason reflected on the program, "It was a great opportunity to further my knowledge of the asphalt business." There is much scrutiny on how warm-mix asphalt (WMA) additives affect the asphalt cement and this class gave me a better insight to the changes or benefits that WMA has on the asphalt cement. This was also just a great opportunity to further my knowledge the asphalt business.

Asphalt cement is one of the most integral parts of the roadway system. The correct asphalt cement selection provides the best crack resistance, fatigue, and life cycle of any road. The incorrect binder, will have negative effects that could result in a failing road…costing the public millions of dollars.

Thanks to the Asphalt Institute for putting on such valuable programs!