Faces of Evotherm: Ryan Brown

Aug 15, 2016

Ryan Brown picMeet Mr. Ryan Brown, Technical Marketing Manager at. He enjoys building customer relationships, educating customers about Ingevity’s technologies, and providing technical assistance on projects. When we talked with him this summer, some of the topics were winter, Mother Teresa and Einstein. Read the details of our interview below.

Amy Chiconas (AC): “What’s Your idea of happiness?”

Ryan Brown (RB): “Ice cream.”

AC: “Misery is…”

RB: “Winter.”

AC: “If not yourself, who would you be?”

RB: “A professor.”

AC: “Where would you like to live?”

RB: “On a beach!”

AC: “Name your real life hero.”

RB: “Mother Teresa.”


AC: “What is one of your favorite project memories?”

RB: “On the first Evotherm project I supported, the customer told me that the plant, road crew, and quality control department were all happy. That never happens!”

When not eating ice cream, dreaming about the beach or making a positive mark on the industry, Ryan can be found golfing, hunting and fishing. He loves the outdoors and the words of Albert Einstein: “The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.” Ryan certainly knows how to give to his colleagues and customers. Stay tuned for the next Faces of Evotherm feature!