Evotherm Featured on Indian National Highway

Feb 28, 2011

The first Evotherm trial stretch on National Highway (NH-10) in India was completed on January 17th, 2011. The mix was produced using crumb rubber modified asphalt, with 12% crumb rubber by weight of asphalt, and granite aggregate for the construction of a new highway. Following are some of the highlights of the project.

  • 55 °F temperature drop: the production and lay down temperature of the asphalt rubber mix was reduced from 325 °F to about 270 °F.
  • Excellent coating was observed even at 55 °F lower temperatures.
  • Improved field densities compared to the conventional hot mix
  • Comfortable, odor-fee working environment due to lower temperatures
  • Consistent laboratory properties of the asphalt rubber mix and asphalt with and without Evotherm technology.

The usage of the Evotherm warm mix technology was found to be straight forward and easy to implement in the existing plant without any modifications. The contractor’s experiences with Evotherm warm asphalt technology were very pleasant, and the contractor is considering using Evotherm technology in other stretches as well.  5468540545_6cd6494857_b









Author: Tejash Ghandi