Evotherm in China

Jan 11, 2011

With things slowing down here, Behind the Screed thought you may be interested in a couple of examples of how roadbuilders in China are using Evotherm.

  • Evotherm was needed on State Road 217 as it entered into a mountainous, 2800m-altitude area to improve road compaction. After paving the trial section, the compaction density results were so improved over hot mix that the  project switched to Evotherm-containing asphalt even in the lower altitude regions.
  • A thin overlay of 2.5cm, 14m width, and 10km length on the TangJing highway in the HeBei province was paved using Evotherm. This highway is pretty heavy traffic road, basically stuffed by heavy truck one by one. The production temp was 150-160C and 140-150C for pavement temp. They adopted UTAC-10 mix gradation. The ambient temp was 20C with high winds.

It’’s not that different from the US!

Author: Will Liang