Winning at the Track

Oct 12, 2010

Jim Tartak, General Manager of Carolina Motorsports, recently took us on a tour of his kart track and spoke about the nuances of kart racing and why consistency on the track is so important to driver safety and to performance. “The racing karts do not have suspensions, making it very physically demanding on the driver and asphalt because they create such high lateral loads.” While only 0.7 miles long, the track has 16 turns and numerous tie-ins where different sections of the asphalt join together. “These joins must be seamless,” commented Allen Hendricks, asphalt division manager at Blythe Construction in Charlotte, NC. With a 60-mile haul to make, NuStar added Evotherm to the mix for Blythe to maintain maximum workability for perfect tie-ins at the track. It turned out to be a winning combination. The Carolina Motorsports Park project won SCAPA’s Outstanding Performance on a Specialty Project award! Read the full story.


author: Dean Frailey