Banks Construction wins SCAPA award for Nexton Parkway project using Evotherm

Jul 09, 2019

At a recent South Carolina Asphalt Pavement Association (SCAPA) meeting, Banks Construction won two SCAPA awards for their Nexton Parkway project in Summerville, South Carolina. An open-graded friction course (OGFC) section of the project was produced with fiber-free WMA made possible by Ingevity’s Evotherm technology. They took home awards for project delivery and quality paving on the project. The selective, prestigious SCAPA awards are awarded annually to the South Carolina companies bringing the best of innovation, quality, performance and excellence to the state’s asphalt paving projects.

The South Carolina DOT, among other DOTs across the nation, allows the use of Evotherm in their OGFCs at WMA production temperatures of between 265 to 290 F. Evotherm allows the removal of fibers while passing drain-down requirements.

What makes Banks a fan of Evotherm on OGFC projects?

Banks has had great success with fiber-free OGFC mixes using Evotherm since 2013 when they began using the product on Interstate 26. Banks values the ability to remove the need for fibers in the mix, optimize the asphalt binder content, lower production temperatures, minimize drain-down, and increase production. Read more about the benefits of fiberless SMA in previous blog stories here.