Mac n Cheese

Nov 30, 2015

Mac cheese

Macaroni and cheese appears at every Thanksgiving dinner at my house. NCAT Director Randy West must have had the holidays on his mind when talking about RAP and WMA with Equipment World magazine. "They go together, like peanut butter and jelly or macaroni and cheese," he said referring to the "excellent" rut and crack resistance in high RAP, WMA pavements. Other highlights from the article include:

  • RAP & WMA projects winning NAPA Quality in Construction Awards
  • 40% RAP and WMA for thinlay, residential work in Texas

Evotherm improves compaction and workability for warm mix asphalt mix designs with RAP contents up to 35%. The introduction of Evoflex, alone or in combination with Evotherm, can make even higher binder replacement percentages possible. These new mix designs venture into the 50% territory, achieving high performance at an exceptional value. As good as mac 'n cheese, but I will stick to my mom's recipe this week.

Author: Heather Dolan