A Canadian November

Dec 08, 2010

MWV’s Evotherm partner in Canada is McAsphalt based in Toronto, Ontario. McAsphalt offers a wide range of asphalt products from 19 terminals, coast to coast, across Canada. They work frequently with MWV account manager Dan Moors and have a lot of job reports on their website. One of my recent favorites was in Nova Scotia, and not just because that’s where my husband has super-distant relatives. Being in Canada, McAsphalt really knows how to run a nice paving job despite cold temperatures and long hauls. According to Alain Cormier’s report, the mornings were foggy and about 5 C / 41 F at 7 AM. Temperatures reached up to 13 C / 55 F under sunny skies with light winds. Evotherm was used with PG 58-28. Due to the long haul distance of 108 km (~1 hr 25 min), cold ambient temperature, cool base temperature, and lack of available trucks, a plant discharge temperatures of 155 C / 311 F was targeted while hoping to achieve a temperature behind the spreader of 125-130 C / 257-266 F. The mix was stable on Day 1 behind all rollers. There was no bow wave or lateral movement of the mix; only vertical settlement/densification. Nuclear readings with the double drum vibratory roller and rubber tire roller staying close to the spreader indicated that 93.6% was achieved behind the rubber tire roller before the finish roller had hit the mat. There are a lot of other examples on McAsphalt’s site – check it out!


Author: Heather Dolan