Evotherm in SF

Mar 08, 2011

It was a damp 55 degrees and foggy at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area where Evotherm was used to pave a test strip in the center of the park. The Golden Gate bridge was visible in the background as paving crews from Ghilotti Brothers Contractors paved the strip using Evotherm DAT.

At the job site, the mix was laid at 2.5 inches and compacted to a target thickness of 2 inches. The haul time from asphalt plant to job site was about one hour. Evotherm performed well – the mix was workable in the cool temperature and the roller needed just three passes to achieve 92% pavement densities.  Provided the lab test results are as positive as the field results, work should continue on other sites in the park.  All parties were pleased at the field results obtained with the test strip.

Special thanks to Telfer Oil and Dutra Group Aggregates for their help on the project.

Author: Everett Crews

Golden Gate bridge