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Ingevity manufactures and supplies bio-sustainable, alkyd-based thermoplastics as premium, blended granular materials with long service life, excellent adhesion and superior color and retroreflectivity retention. The materials provide an array of application and final film properties that make them ideal for city markings as well as legends or long-line applications. Based on customer or governmental agency requirements, the markings can be adapted for varying levels of initial and retained performance properties.

Performance Benefits

  • Premium materials formulated with bio-sustainable resins
  • Bond strength/adhesion with the road provides durability and long service life
  • Optimized for color and retroreflectivity retention throughout the life of the markings
  • Wide range of application thicknesses
  • Can be applied via spray, ribbon, or screed extrude methods

ThermoAccel Thermoplastic

ThermoAccel, our innovative thermoplastic pavement marking, eliminates the need for a primer application without sacrificing adhesion. ThermoAccel’s can be easily applied with standard equipment, and its polymer-based technology provides superior durability and improved long-term retroflectivity over the life of the product.


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