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Nighttime visibility of signs and pavement markings – or retroreflectivity - is essential when it comes to improving the safety of our roads. Ingevity’s strong safety commitment drives us to continuously innovate and improve the retroreflectivity of our road marking products that help reduce accidents and get everyone home safely.

Our high-performing glass beads for pavement markings were developed with safety in mind. The glass beads adhere to the pavement marking, reflecting the light back to the driver, and providing a distinct contrast compared to the road.

Ingevity’s clear, durable, drop-on sphere beads meet or exceed AASHTO standards and are ideal for all types of paving projects. Our technology produces properly coated beads that promote adhesion and floatation, extending the life of the marking. They can be applied with gravity or air pressure equipment.

High Performance Beads

Our innovative High Performance provide improved reflectivity over the life of the marking, but can be applied as a single drop application, reducing the need for 2 bead guns and saving time and money on the job.


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